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We believe you should feel well informed about the market conditions influencing the sale of your home.

That's why My MUVA is now available to all homeowners, at no charge and with no catch. You can track comparable properties, explore price changes, sold prices and more, all hyperlocal to you, all in one place.

And if you are a MUVA client, you get exclusive features such as access to comprehensive sales and marketing information specific to your home throughout the sale.

My MUVA Features

All Home
Home Sellers
Current Listings in your area (filterable distances)
New Listings in your area
Price Changes in your area
Recent Sales in your area
Weekly summaries of your area's market changes
Access to Property Gurus with My MUVA questions
Customised targeted roadmap of your home's sale process -
Digital and Property Portals engagement monitoring -
Potential buyer engagement monitoring -
Optional direct communication between seller and buyer -
Track viewings of your home sale -
Feedback from viewings of your home -
View all offers received, including position of buyers -
Full visibility of the progression of your sale once offer accepted -
Weekly summaries of your property performance -
A designated Property Guru available to you 24/7 -